The Prince Protects His City

Nehemiah's biography in verse, full of passion, prayers, and leadership. Rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem with a reluctant workforce and without qualifications, he acted with the Lord's invitation and rebuilt what needed to be done.

The Prince Protects His City
W R I T T E N  B Y
A.J. Lykosh

The Best White Collar Worker in the Bible

A biography-in-verse of Nehemiah, deeply researched and beautifully written.

Nehemiah had the astonishing invitation to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem with a reluctant workforce … and without any qualifications.

But he had the passion from the Lord, and so he did what needed to be done. Honest, energetic, with a deep desire to build and rebuild.

A man who prayed before he acted. A man of simple, short, pointed prayers: earnest intercession for all the people; prayers of protection for beloved Jerusalem; corporate prayers before work; prayers for personal steadfastness in the face of malice; prayers for justice; plaintive pleas before God.

“Think upon me, my God, for good.”

An encouraging, informative book about this overlooked administrator, leader, historian, employee, fund-raiser, governor, and prince.

Book Sample

“Seek the Peace”


As the Lord of hosts commanded,

In Babylon the people

Built houses to live in;

Planted gardens and ate of the fruit.

They married and were given in marriage,

Had children and those children had children.


As with the Israelites in Egypt,

They increased and were not diminished.


The God of Israel said to

Seek the peace of the city

And pray to the Lord for it,

For peace in the city meant

Peace for the dwellers of the city,

Both those voluntary and those forced.


And they waited for the seventy years to end,

When God would cause the people to return

To Jerusalem,


The City of Peace.

The Prince Protects His City


Real insights from real readers.

I purchased and sent your book to a few women in my group, and they absolutely loved it! They are all raving about the way the poetry is written and how easy to understand it is. It's a WIN!

Tatiana Lago

I finished reading it today! Loved it. Such a nice quick pace to read Nehemiah and also space to sit in parts if I just wanted to read one page.

Angela Grammier

It’s like you’re repairing the Bible story deficit. I enjoyed it extremely a lot.

Kirsten Hintz

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