Savor Communion

A powerful call to proclaim the Lord's death until he comes. Communion is not just introspection, but a loud statement. Join the community and take part in this book's meditations, scripture passages, and prayers of response.

Savor Communion
W R I T T E N  B Y
Bob Perry
A.J. Lykosh

Take Communion Every Day for a Month?

Two typical responses: “Wow, that sounds really powerful!”

Or, “Wow! That sounds really controversial!”

When Paul wrote about the Table of the Lord, he said, “For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.”

That word “proclaim,” in the Greek, is katangello.

Katangello means declare, preach, make known, proclaim publicly.

When you eat this bread and drink this cup, you declare, preach, make known, proclaim publicly.

The Table of the Lord is not a quiet, introspective moment, but a loud statement.

Why do we do it only occasionally? Something this powerful … let’s do it often!

Each day’s reading has three parts: a short meditation, one of the scripture passages about communion, in a variety of translations, and a brief prayer of response.

We invite our community to participate in October, specifically, but we take communion year-round, and invite you to do so, too.

Every month, it seems that at least half the readings seem in exact perfect alignment with what we are walking through: a surprise and delight, month after month. A prayer for healing when we need healing, or greatness, or comfort, or blessing.

We invite you to participate in new ways to proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.

Come Savor Communion.

Book Sample

Excerpt from the Introductory Reflections

Strategically, if you were the enemy, then, and wanted to prevent the proclamation of the Lord’s death, you could do it in a few ways.

You could distract the followers of Christ from the main point (proclaiming Christ’s death!), and entice them to engage in disagreements over the meaning, the transmission, the proper form.

You could stir up controversy and animosity around a simple act, creating a lot of tension instead of fellowship.

You could make the logistics seem challenging enough that many believers only proclaim once a month ... or once a quarter.

Is it possible that all the controversy through the centuries has shut down one of the most powerful tools that Jesus gave to his followers?

Without diving in to the specifics of the disagreement ... do you see at least the possibility that these distractions, controversies, and logistical challenges might be an effective flanking attempt?

Savor Communion


Real insights from real readers.

I took communion and your book to a small group I’m a part of. I read Day 4, “Daily Bread,” before we took communion. One woman was almost brought to tears when she thanked me. It changed her thinking on something she took for granted. She’s been doing communion for years.

Tara Dunn

Loving doing daily communion with my family. So beautiful, so powerful.

Jenny Peacock

I love the revelation and insight you bring to communion. Especially Day 6, Comfort and Lightning, for some reason. Reinvigorates my love for this sacrament. #lifechanging

Jennifer Jackson

That month of communion helped to break off the fear of the table. That I’m not clean enough. That’ll I’ll have come unworthy and get sick and die. Communion has always been a fearful place for me. A couple years ago I was at a women’s conference and the attending pastor remarked that he felt many women felt this similar burden, and he wanted to bless us to be free, in and because of Jesus. To come to the table with joy. I got a taste of freedom that day. But I’d not partaken enough times to let it sink in. One of my favorite things: communion again and again. Breaking free the fear. Finding the Holy Spirit inviting me into communion. Aaah!!! Such goodness.

Susan Chester

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