Ruminating Poems II

Get lost in a swirl of witty, wonderful, warmhearted, and wise ideas that are worth a second thought. This book will make you laugh, think, and ponder. Come and welcome to a world of new ideas!

Ruminating Poems II
W R I T T E N  B Y
A.J. Lykosh

Reflect and Ruminate

In the midst of a swirl of trifling, superficial thoughts, do you appreciate the occasional idea that warrants a second thought?

Something to think about, to hold as a jewel in the mind, something to laugh about, or think about, something to ponder and celebrate.

This book has those kinds of ideas.

Witty, wonderful, warmhearted, wise.

Come, friend, and welcome.

Book Sample

“Ten Days”

After bearing witness to transformation,

More than I could have asked or imagined,

I return to regular life

And feel like I’m floating.


It makes me wonder if the ten days

Between ascension and Pentecost

Were there in part to let the disciples,

Those regular humans,



Such a small grace.

If any grace could be said to be small.

Ruminating Poems II


Real insights from real readers.

Amy, this is beautiful. I've never heard anything like it.

Anne Marie Misovich

This is DEEP!

Kathleen Mary

I got chills as I read this.

Mary Van Hoesen

Thought-provoking! I love your thoughts through poetry. Thanks for sharing in this way!

Renita Gerlach

WOW. Simple and short wordsmithing … thank you.

Jeff Tallman

Thanks, Amy, that you share of yourself and of Christ in your poetry.

Audrey Beachy

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