Ruminating Poems

Not all poetry is confusing. Enjoy clear and concise meditations on specific moments and thoughts that are clever and kind. Come and welcome to this refreshing collection!

Ruminating Poems
W R I T T E N  B Y
A.J. Lykosh

Meditate and Muse

The author James Joyce wrote a passage, then wrote it again, more obscurely, then wrote it a third time to obscure the meaning even more.

How much of poetry reading can feel like that.

This is not that.

Enjoy these single meditations of specific moments and thoughts.

Concise, clear, clever, kind.

Come, friend, and welcome.

Book Sample

“Creation/New Creation”

In the beginning God created.

And the Spirit of God moved

Upon the face of the waters. Or


The Spirit hovered over

The emptiness and the darkness.

And from that chaos came creation.


The creation that, in the end, was very good.

But first God created chaos.

He could have first created order. But no.


The believer is described as a

New creation.

Why would we assume no chaos?


Isn’t a mess always needed when something new

Springs forth? Then mess is no failure,

But simply the raw material for Jesus’ creation.

Ruminating Poems


Real insights from real readers.

This was so reaffirming to me.

Amy Eckert

Beautiful. Made me cry.

Adrienne Saur de Caballero

Thank you for your faithfulness to encourage us. The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom and his tongue speaks justice.

Connie Tabaluyan

Absolutely beautiful!

Becky Schulke

I love your poems!

Rachel Adams

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