Grace from the Poet-Prophet

A book on how to give and receive blessings, using 66 favorite passages from Isaiah. Beautiful layout, scriptures, and prayers. Come learn how to bless others and be part of God's richness.

Grace from the Poet-Prophet
W R I T T E N  B Y
Bob Perry
A.J. Lykosh

A Masterclass in Blessing: First Receive, Then Give

In intercession, we go up to God: “God help us. God, your kingdom come.” A vertical prayer.

But with blessing, we pray out, horizontally. We look to people and bless them. We reach out and tell the hearers how special they are.

Most of us have little experience in blessing, of either receiving or giving. The prayer of blessing can feel a bit uncomfortable, a bit stretching.

And yet we realize that God promised Abraham, “All peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

We want to be part of that blessing, both of receiving and giving, but most of us don’t know how to do it.

Bob, as a man of prayer for four decades, knows how. He chose 66 favorite passages from the book of Isaiah, and prayed blessings from them.

In this beautiful book, you’ll find 66 blessings from the book of Isaiah. Read them to encourage, comfort, and strengthen yourself.

Beautiful cover, beautiful layout, beautiful scriptures, beautiful prayers.

A book to receive as a gift. A book to give as a gift.

Read them as a tutorial on how to bless.

Come be part of the receiving and giving of the richness of God.

Book Sample

A Child Is Born

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6)

The word for today is calling.

Lord, thank you that we have a calling. As we partner with the Son of God, Jesus, this child that was born in a body, the Son of Man, Lord, thank you that the responsibility of complete dominion rests on your shoulders. 

Your name is the Wonderful One. The Extraordinary Strategist. The Mighty God. The Father of All Eternity. The Prince of Peace. 

We proclaim our trust in you, that you will rule and reign the world.

For your name is the Amazing Counselor. 

You are strong and mighty, caring and kind. You are the Eternal Papa. You are the Prince of Wholeness. 

You love to rule and reign with authority, and yet with love. There are no limits to the wholeness you bring in our lives. 

Father, thank you for the power of leadership in your life and in our lives. 

Thank you for the weight of authority that you carry. Thank you that the authority rests on your shoulders, Jesus. Thank you that you invite us to partner with you, and you give us your authority. 

Lord, your name is known in so many ways. 

You are our Wonderful Counselor. You are our Mighty God.

You are everlasting, caring, daring. The Everlasting Father, who is always present with us. 

You are the Master of Goodness. You are the Master of Healing. You are the Master of Wholeness. 

No wonder we call you the Prince of Peace. 

The child. 

You are ours. 

And we are yours. 


Grace from the Poet-Prophet


Real insights from real readers.

Absolutely fantastic truth!!!!This is my favorite series so far. 

Becky Schulke

This IS a blessing. Amen.

Jennifer Guzman

This is so deep, I can barely grasp it. I am going to have to study this concept more and pray for wisdom and understanding. It sounds really exciting, though. Thank you! :)

Annabelle Kopf

Father, I thank you I have the mind of Christ, the Extraordinary Strategist. In Jesus' name, Amen. #AWESOME.

Andrew Ngui

I read a blessing of reassurance. Wasn’t even thinking I needed that! But my heart just welled up when I read it.

Jonelle Lilly

I found that I kept spontaneously raising my hands as I worked on this project. That doesn’t normally happen.

A.J. Lykosh

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