As It Is in Heaven

Catch a glimpse of heaven with free verse poems in this guide. Learn to pray God's kingdom on earth effectively by understanding what heaven looks like. Gain hope, perspective, and joy!

As It Is in Heaven
W R I T T E N  B Y
Bob Perry
A.J. Lykosh

The Secret to More Effective Prayer

At the beginning of Revelation 4, a man tells the apostle John, “Come up here.”

What was death to the children of Israel at the time of Moses is an invitation extended to us today: Come up here.

When Jesus taught on prayer, he began, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

How can you effectively pray God’s kingdom on earth, if you don’t know what heaven looks like?

It’s easier to pray more effectively if you understand what you're praying for.

Catch a glimpse of heaven in these short free verse poems.

After an overview of the first three chapters of Revelation, enjoy a word-by-word look at Revelation 4 and 5, on the beauty and majesty of the throne room of God.

Throw off hopelessness, disappointment and despair, weariness, apathy, disgust, boredom, and ennui.

Gain hope, expectation, new strength, perspective, and joy.

Book Sample

“Work, Transformed”

God rewards
Even a small step toward him.


As he becomes
The focus of our lives,


Our work becomes the life-giving overflow
Of our passion for Christ


Instead of just
Draining busyness in an attempt to please him.

As It Is in Heaven


Real insights from real readers.

I carry my copy in my purse. I pull it out whenever I feel prompted, and read the introduction to whomever I’m talking to. The beginning pages never fail to take the conversation to a deeper level … and that’s just the introduction!!!! I can’t recommend this book enough; it’s been my number one gift to give others in the last year.

Susan Chester

I just started reading your book As It Is in Heaven and a sentence jumped off the page and will be used as a sacred litmus test. “Work becomes the life-giving overflow of passion for Christ.”

Pat Asp

I just read through As It Is in Heaven again over the last several days and was so immensely and intensely blessed. Thank you for opening up a mystical space for me. I love going back to it. The format makes it timeless and fresh at the same time.

Gary Klopfenstein

I love the short meditative chapters. It's great bedtime reading. Congratulations!!

Perry Marshall

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