Short, interesting, actionable books.
Read in an hour be equipped for life.

We want our books to be read and put to use, so we publish in a few non-traditional categories, with a focus on specific tools for your journey with Jesus. Transformation. Beauty. A selah, a holy pause, on every page.

Books in Verse

Keep the emotion and the story, but without extra words.

Prayer Experiences

Enjoy a range of new types of prayer throughout the year.

Take Action Books

Don’t just read the words. Put them into practice! Books to put into practice. Practical prayer tools to put into the hands of those we love.

The perfect books for people short on time, short on attention, but long on heart and mind.

“Being rocked by almost every little chapter I read. This Pursue book is loaded with timely words from the throne. Making them short is so, so good because when it hits the heart, you don't have to keep reading. You're instantly Jesus aware.' I just go back over it a few times. It's a direct hit and with immediate alignment.”

— Dr. Bill Bennot